Bad law can really hurt your business and your sector. We understand the law, your sector and how government works.

Show your clients or your members that you’re ahead of the game with legally drafted consultation responses, briefing papers and seminars and training. We do the work; you provide the branding.

Consultation responses


You want to tell government what you and your clients think but you don’t have the time or expertise to respond yourself.

Legis will work with you and your clients to prepare a response with legal precision in a way that can be easily digested by government.

Policy advice, research and briefings


Regulation of your sector always changes, but what do your clients or members want it to look like and why?

Show you are a leader in your field with research and briefings printed in your name, tailored to you and your clients or members.

Seminars and training


Your business and your clients are the ambassadors of your sector. You have a strong voice if you speak as one.

Legis will train you, your employees and your clients on how the legislative process works and how you can get involved in the debate.

Legis does not provide legal services of any kind including legal advice or any assistance in connection with the application of the law; does not provide the services of solicitors or barristers; does not hold itself out to be a firm of solicitors or barristers; is not covered by legal professional indemnity insurance; is not regulated by, nor required to be regulated by, the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) or Bar Standards Board (BSB); does not provide services which are regulated by the SRA or BSB; and recommends that if you are seeking legal advice you should seek an SRA regulated solicitor protected by legal professional indemnity insurance.

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