Seminars and training

Legis will hold seminars for your employees and your clients relating to a specific legal policy issue or how the legislative process works and how you can get involved in the debate.

Legis will:

  • Train you and your employees about the importance of regulation in your sector, legislative changes in the pipeline and how your employees can influence how their sector is regulated.

  • Train you to appear before policy working groups to help you get your message across.

  • Organise workshops and roundtable sessions with your staff and clients connected to specific consultations, looking at regulatory proposals affecting your sector.

  • Write up the discussion and use this as the collective consultation response from you and your clients.

  • Share survey results about regulation in your sector, together with the views of other stakeholders.

  • Explain the political context of regulatory changes and the legislative process, particularly in light of Brexit and the EU Withdrawal Bill.

  • Tailor training sessions around research, briefings or consultation responses that you have commissioned.

Legis does not provide legal services of any kind including legal advice or any assistance in connection with the application of the law; does not provide the services of solicitors or barristers; does not hold itself out to be a firm of solicitors or barristers; is not covered by legal professional indemnity insurance; is not regulated by, nor required to be regulated by, the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) or Bar Standards Board (BSB); does not provide services which are regulated by the SRA or BSB; and recommends that if you are seeking legal advice you should seek an SRA regulated solicitor protected by legal professional indemnity insurance.

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