Research and briefings

Show you are a leader in your field with research, briefings and articles printed in your name, tailored to you and your clients or members.

Legis will:

  • Research the current regulatory environment for your sectors and specific issues of concern for you and your clients.

  • Conduct surveys of stakeholders in the sector asking (i) general questions about how they are regulated and what changes they would like to see; and (ii) specific questions about proposed or recent changes.

  • Analyse different possible legislative outcomes and evaluate which outcome would be best for you and your clients.

  • Evaluate the likelihood and impact of certain future policies by the Government, discussing potential moves with our contacts in Government and Parliament.

  • Write articles on your behalf on technical regulatory issues in your sector.

  • Use a briefing you have commissioned as a consultation response or a training seminar with your clients.

Legis does not provide legal services of any kind including legal advice or any assistance in connection with the application of the law; does not provide the services of solicitors or barristers; does not hold itself out to be a firm of solicitors or barristers; is not covered by legal professional indemnity insurance; is not regulated by, nor required to be regulated by, the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) or Bar Standards Board (BSB); does not provide services which are regulated by the SRA or BSB; and recommends that if you are seeking legal advice you should seek an SRA regulated solicitor protected by legal professional indemnity insurance.

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