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No one listens! Why respond to a consultation?

Every professional practice is proud to be different but clients can still struggle to tell them apart.

When I worked in a city law firm, responding to Government consultations about changes to the law was a great way of getting attention and talking to my clients in depth about their sectors.

The advantages?

Consultation responses are really worth doing for all professional firms, not just legal practices: they give you an excuse to talk to the senior people at your clients’ organisations, to delve into their business and sector and really find out what makes them tick.

They also mean you’re one step ahead of regulatory changes coming down the line. And with Brexit coming, that’s no small thing.

The problem?

Time. Consultation responses take ages to research and write. And crucially, they aren’t billable. They require input from departments across your firm and clients across practice areas.

Some professionals know their sector really well, but don’t have the expertise or confidence to influence Government policy.

The solution?

So that’s why I set up Legis: to respond to consultations on your behalf and on behalf of your clients. I’ve worked for years as a solicitor in highly regulated sectors and am also trained in writing policy papers at the highest level.

The idea is simple. We’ll discuss what your policy objectives are and I will coordinate and write the consultation response, which is submitted with your branding, not mine. I want to help you maintain your position as a thought leader in your sector.

It works particularly well if we tie in the consultation response with client seminars or roundtables, involving your clients in the consultation response process and introducing them to more members of your team.

A consultation response is also a great excuse to write tailored articles and briefings which you can use as another excuse to talk to other clients across other sectors. This really maximises the impact and profile of your involvement.

Consultations are all about listening, and it would be great to hear from you.

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